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Services to solar companies

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What does the service include?

The solar field is currently exploding all around the world – which is a very good thing. The world’s aspirations to transition to renewable energy have allowed numerous solar companies to grow quickly and to connect a large variety of structures with different types of solar panels. Point-Sol assists solar companies throughout every stage of planning the system.

As our client, the solar company will receive a very accurate 3D model or 2D sketch of the structure it plans to install the PV system. The model is provided with a precision level of just a few centimeters and a level of detail among the highest in the market.

How are the models produced?

Models are produced through drone measurement using photogrammetry. Point cloud files are received from the drone flight – and are converted for you to a SketchUp model, an AutoCAD diagram, or any other output you select. Our vast experience with solar companies allows us to adapt the results and work processes to every customer’s exact needs. We can provide dozens of models throughout Israel every single week with predictable, predetermined delivery times, at the best prices in the country.

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