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Other industry services

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What does the service include?

There are a wide variety of uses for point cloud technology in the industry. The more we increase our expertise in the technology, the more practical and innovative applications we discover. Here are a few examples of services offered today to various types of industries:

  1. Factory modeling. Internal and external, including modeling plumbing routes, engineering elements, lighting, and more

  2. Façade modeling with precision down to the millimeter to determine the number of materials to order

  3. Calculating volume for holding tanks (of all sizes) to determine quantities to order

  4. Calculating volume retroactively. The volume of holes dug to determine soil removed

  5. Contractor service. 3D modeling of structures being built for planning future additions or materials order

  6. Any engineering service which requires measurement, calculation, 3D modeling, preparing 2D plans

A wide variety of leading software

Point-Sol provides output compatible with the widest variety of industry software including (but not limited to) SolidWorks, Revit, AutoCAD, SketchUp, and more. Our vast experience with a wide range of industries allows us to adapt the output and the work processes to each customer’s precise needs. We supply dozens of models throughout Israel every single week, hundreds each month, with reliable, predetermined delivery times, at the best prices in Israel. The precision level of our models ranges from just a few millimeters to a few centimeters.

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Featured Projects

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