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Services to Lidar companies

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What does the service include?

Lidar technology has been around for a long time in significant and innovative industries. Still, with new developments over the last few years, LIDAR technology has become accessible to smaller businesses and companies. Today, many measurement companies are using Lidar sensors to produce point cloud files, which are the digital equivalent of objects in real space. Point-Sol has forged a number of strategic collaborations with companies performing scanning using Lidar technology. The services we offer to these companies include:

  1. Converting Lidar scans to architectural plans for internal designers and architects

  2. Façade sketching and producing cross-sections of various structures

  3. Calculating area/volume to determine quantities

  4. 3D modeling of various engineering objects

  5. Converting Lidar scans to any type of output at the highest level of detail and precision available in Israel

A wide variety of leading software

Point-Sol provides output compatible with the widest variety of industry software including (but not limited to) SolidWorks, Revit, AutoCAD, SketchUp, and more. Our vast experience with companies using Lidar technology allows us to adapt the output and the work processes to each customer’s precise needs. We supply dozens of models throughout Israel every single week, hundreds each month, with reliable, predetermined delivery times, at the best prices in Israel.

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Featured Projects

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