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Modeling the real world with 99.9% precision

Using the world’s most advanced technology – point cloud modeling

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Who are we?

Specialists in producing, analyzing, and converting point cloud to 3D models

Point-Sol has operated in the point cloud industry since 2018, providing technology services to companies in the fields of solar, drones, Lidar technology, and others in architecture, construction, and engineering. Our primary goal is to provide models with the highest level of precision without compromise and with short delivery times, offering personal service and support with unparalleled professionalism to every client. Our technology team has extensive experience modeling thousands of projects in various industries, allowing us to deeply understand customers’ requirements and perfectly adapt the results to your needs.

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Our services

We are specialists in the production, analysis, and conversion of point cloud files to 3D models with the highest level of precision in the world.

Why Point-Sol?

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Extraordinary experience

Modeling over 1600 projects in a variety of fields and industries

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Quality results

Unique work method allows us to attain the highest level of precision

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Customer service

We’re always here to answer any questions, solve problems, and provide customized solutions

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Proven, field-tested results

Point-Sol provides extraordinary precision in the production, analysis, and conversion of point cloud files to 3D models. We’re proud to share these numbers, which speak for themselves.


Terabytes of files we have produced


Countries worldwide in which we operate


Companies to whom we’ve provided services


Point cloud files produced for our clients


Years’ cumulative experience in point cloud modeling

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Our Clients Reviews

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Point Sol provides us with wonderful work every day. 

Accurate, fast and professional, Oron and his team became true partners.

Choosing to collaborate with Point-Sol is a choice that we do not regret!

Natan Benjio, CEO & Founder

Gemini Drones

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