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About Us

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Startup Team

How did we get here?

Point-Sol was founded in 2018 by Oron Shiloni (who serves today as CEO) with a vision to change the face of the industry and answer the burning need of so many engineering companies: measuring 3D structures with precision with zero deviations in minimum time.

The manual solution didn’t offer enough precision. Many companies were dealing with wasted resources, time, and money, trying to work with the lack of precision between the computerized sketch and the reality in the field. The search for a perfect solution led Point-Sol’s founder to specialize in point cloud technology and to establish the business to provide this service to customers.

What do we do?

Initially, Point-Sol offered its services to global customers who knew how to produce point cloud files, but who were searching for a company that knew how to process the data and produce models or sketches that were usable by industry and by leading software. Within this framework, we processed and converted thousands of point cloud files of all types.

Today, Point-Sol offers end-to-end point cloud services, offering a one-stop shop thanks to strategic collaboration along with the broad knowledge we’ve accumulated over the years. The vast experience we’ve gained along the way allows us to optimize and increase precision for the processes of photography, scanning, and producing point cloud models, while rigorously preserving the quality of the final results.

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Where are we going?

Our company is continuously developing while retaining our major emphasis on improvements in technology within Israel and around the world. Our business’s strength comes through in situations where we can provide our customers with maximum value. It’s not just a marketing concept – it’s a growth engine.

The greatest obstacle today in using point cloud technology is the dimension of time. Many claims that producing and modeling professional point cloud files takes a lot of time. At Point-Sol, we aim to achieve the ability to produce a precise and detailed model from a point cloud file – within just one hour!

How will this become possible? Soon, it will be possible to upload point cloud files to our site – and within a single hour, you’ll receive a finished model identical to the professional models that the company provides to its clients today. Sounds challenging? Well, we love a challenge!

Image by Ross Parmly
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